Soothing Sunday? Mallory Knox’s Album ‘Signals’

Dear Internet, lately I’ve been having a bit of a stressful time. I’m currently finishing my final year of university, and therefore have a million things to do as well spend every waking moment contemplating my impending homelessness after June. I have essays to write, exams to revise for, and job applications to fill out. If this is a sneak peak at adulthood, I have to say, I don’t like it one little bit. All I want to do is be a teenager again.

When I was in my teens most problems could be solved with a little bit of emotional wailing to semi-rock bands. Bands that were not TOO heavy in rock (you know, like those screamy bands) but still had men howling against guitars and singing emotional lyrics about distrust and heart break.

Man, those songs just got me – you know?

Being able to return to that time in my life where all my problems could be solved by one emotional headbang, is something I’ve been desperately craving. Unfortunately, rock music has kinda fallen out of favour, so unless you’re actually knowledgeable about music, it’s pretty to just stumble across a new and amazing alternative band. That was until I found Mallory Knox.


It’s everything I need at the moment. Their album has charted at number 33 in the UK charts and they’ve been getting a decent amount of plays on the radio. When I heard their song Lighthouse it was like emotional teenaged love at first listen.

Mikey Chapman’s vocals are just oozing with raw angst. The rich guitars and epic song arrangement on their new album is just amazing. I wish I knew more music terminology to sum it all up. To put it simply, every song on here feels like it could be on a trailer for a really action packed yet heartbreaking/deep blockbuster – it pumps you up and makes your heart like, have emotions and stuff.

To let you get the full picture on why I love this album so much, I’ve picked five of the best songs from Signals. These are the songs that get put on my iPod and help me de-stress on my way home from the library. I may look like a fifteen year old, as I walk up the street with my headphones on full, my hood pulled up, and my head bobbing up and down – but damn it, fifteen year olds don’t have 60 credits of their university career to worry about, so it’s fine by me!

Soothing Sunday: Tom Odell, Conner Youngblood, Keaton Henson, Daughter, Sea Oleena

Today I woke up and felt like arse.

Currently I’m sat in an old lady chair with a hot water bottle on my back, which is a universal sign that things are not going well. My head hurts, my throat hurts, my back hurts, and according to Google this all points to me being pregnant. So… needless to say, I could do with some cheering up.

Most people like to cheer themselves up with some happy tunes, like that new Taylor Swift song or that old Taylor Swift song; but personally I find the only way to fight sadness is through sadness.

Nothing gets you out of a frump quicker than by putting on something with a weepy string instrumental and pretending your life problems stem from something deep and meaningful, when in fact it all boils down to you being a flu-baby.

With this in mind, here are just a few of the songs I’m listening to while staring out of my window – which, by the way, is pretty fucking hard when you have a skylight.

Tom Odell – Hold Me

Not as sad as some of his other songs, but after listening to ‘another love’ on repeat for weeks on end I’ve come to associate his voice with bitter break-ups and deep, deep, deep emotions about love.

Conner Youngblood – Vegas

Heard this song on the radio and it made me feel like I was a character in a TV show that was just coming to terms with her life as she drives off  into the sunset and out of Vegas. Do you know what I mean?

Keaton Henson – Sweetheart, what have you done to us?

Someone in the comments of this video refered to Keaton as a ‘melancholy pirate’ – nailed it.

Daughter – Run

I’ve been told that Daughter’s new album has got some music blogs complaining about the songs being too ‘depressing’. Well HELLO! Daughter is all about melancholy, no one puts on a Daughter song to feel GOOD. Hence why this song is on my list.

Sea Oleena – Untitled

This song came out on youtube in 2011, so guess I lose some hipster points. But whether it’s old or not it’s still sad and makes me have the feelz.

‘Deap Vally’ – My New Girl Crush

As all young women grow up, each one has these wild fantasies of what she wants to be when she grows up. For me, I had one dream of being a vet who, with a heart of gold, ended up adopting all her patients until she ended up with a modern day Noah’s ark in her back garden – a Dr. Doolittle, only with a vagina.

Later in life I would have dreams of being a world class author, actress, and… a mother fucking rock star.

Unfortunately, having no musical ability would hinder this latter dream of mine, as would my being born as a fully formed middle-aged woman (I’d easily pass up vodka for a nice selection of cheeses).

Yet somewhere, buried underneath my love of stilton and mango, is burning desire to be a rock goddess; a desire that is now being vicariously lived out in my recent obsession with Deap Vally.

A blues rock duo hailing from sunny LA, these two have been causing massive waves on music blogs and with critics, as they’ve smashed their way to popularity, both in the USA and the UK. You might have seen their faces in the London Tube, plastered onto the wall. You may have seen the girls supporting The Vaccines, or you may be prepping yourself for their supporting act of Mumford and Sons.

Either way, if you haven’t encountered the girls of Deap Vally, all you need to know is THEY’RE COOL AS FUCK!

Like all rock and roll stars, these two women met in the most hardcore of circumstances – effin’ needlework baby! And no I don’t mean heroine, I mean crocheting.

From this artistic meeting, the two ladies have gone on to be hailed as “a hippe Koren O fronting Black Sabbath” to “the house-band for some yet-to-be-scripted Tarantino movie where the two Californian gals sweat out the spirit of rock’n’roll in short, gin-soaked bursts while fists fly and blood stains the floorboards.” High praise indeed.

If you need more proof that these two ladies do indeed hold the ‘badasses with vaginas’ award, then take a look at the music videos below. If you are not enthralled with the gravel tones of lead singer Lindsay Troy’s voice, then you may weep with envy at the drumming skills and bodacious hair of Julie Edwards.


I don’t know about you, but all that music just gave me a lady-boner.

Soothing Sunday – Mr. Hudson, George Maple, DrDr, GTA, Moduloktopus

I have a friend who prides herself on good DJ skills.

“Er… song selection is a big one,” she told me when I asked for the key things a music noob like me needs to know about being a rocking DJ. “Things like mixing, beat matching, like being able to read a crowd – try to tell what they want, instead of, you know, just what you want to hear. Try to understand genre… AND HAVE BALLS! Balls to play really good, different stuff.”

This advice comes from Isabelle Spray, creator of the Rhyme and Reason blog (which was, like, totally linked to in an MTV article) so I know its good stuff.

Last week I admitted to being a bit inept when it comes to good tunes. My taste, until recently, has been limited to songs that appear on film trailers.

Previously I explored the calmer side of new music. It was all pretty chilled; not counting Lion Babe’s jiggling thighs. This week I want to spice things up, I want something a little more… dance-y.

Now granted this is also partly because this article is predetermined by what cool music blogs tell me to listen to but doesn’t mean I don’t still have MASSIVE BALLS!

Mr. Hudson – Fred Astaire

Who knew Mr. Hudson, the guy who did that thing with Kanye West, was still doing stuff? Okay maybe the music blogs knew, but I personally thought he was in a Swedish coma… is he Swedish? I don’t know, he had bleach blonde hair when I last saw him, so maybe I’m just making racist assumptions. Good song though.

George Maple – Fixed

The electronics at the start have you bracing yourself for some kind of techno drop, but it’s much calmer than all that. This video has less than 2000 views on youtube, which makes it practically an infant in internet terms. It also means those that watch it get hipster points and when this goes big in a few months, can make snide comments like ‘that song was sooooo last March’.

DrDr – Addicted (Maths Time Joy Remix)

This is a remix so automatically I get cool points – plus the remixer has a really ironic name cause, like, who really thinks maths is joyful? The song is pretty chill and offers a nice start to the night before you start slamming our the Missy Elliot tracks, speaking of which…

Diplo & GTA – Boy Oh Boy

Missy Elliot has been pretty slow in terms of producing new music – has she done anything since that Ciara track? Luckily, GTA have been soothing the Missy shaped hole in everyone’s hearts with this remix of her 2002 classic ‘work it’. But Missy, if you’re reading this blog (psh of course you are) then don’t think this means you don’t have to release new stuff – want to twerk to the sound of your voice.

Moduloktopus – Turkish Clubish

Now I don’t know a lot about trap (okay, nothing) but from what I understand, it’s like if hip-hop, trance, and dubstep had an unfortunate gang bang and trap was the consequence – and I mean that in a good way. This track by Moduloktopus (not the catchiest of names)  isn’t as epic as the Bauer ‘higher’ track, but it’s still pretty sick, and I bet has plenty of balls.