About Me

I’m Heather Shaw. My middle name is Lee – yes, that’s technically a boy’s name. I’m convinced in some subsect of Shoreditch hipster culture this quirk makes me sexually desirable*.


*It doesn’t.

In the ‘real world’ I’m officially an Online Content Editor, which sounds very official but I work for a charity and they like people to feel good about themselves. Mostly, I take cute pictures of animals and put them on various social media sites. If you like PG-rated puns, I’m your woman.

In my spare time I’m part of a short-form improv group called ‘The Pina Colliders’. If you think that’s just a pun on a delicious cocktail, think again. See if you take the two names of two improv geniuses, Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, put them together and you get… PINA! The Collider bit, well, I guess we’re just big fans of what CERN’s up to in Geneva. If you want to check us out you can like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

This blog doesn’t particularly have a theme, though I hear the ramblings of twenty-something women are becoming a genre of their own on the inter-webz. Mostly I’ll just be stretching my writing muscles on here, offering you some opinions, maybe some rants… Basically I just like the sound of my own voice, in real life and on paper. Did I mention that I have Youtube channel?

If I were to compare myself to any fictional character I’d probably like to think of myself as Ellen Page in Juno, though I’m probably more like Michael Cera…


Want to know more? Come hang out with me on Twitter @LadyBitsandBobs. Please, I need the company.

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