Woof Hall, Brockwell park

Dog dressed as a tudor.

Dalmatian having a cuddle

Cute puppy wins

Holiday blues are inevitable. They sneak up on you once you step off your EasyJet flight and make your beloved England seem like a grey misery hole (sorry England but Greece was just SO SUNNY!). To help combat my expected blues, I went to the only event that’s better than a week away on holiday – a dog show based around puns!

Now I don’t know much about dog shows or how they’re organised but I can only assume that this entire event was based around one person going: ‘Wolf Hall… WO-LF Hall… Woof! Let’s call it WOOF HALL!’

Featured categories of the day were: handsomest dog, prettiest bitch, golden oldie, cutest puppy, most talented and… A FANCY DRESS ROUND!

While watching Fly, the oldest dog in the show at 18, win Golden Oldie was emotional (the owner nearly cried and Fly was late due to weak back legs – my ovaries were tearing up!) nothing could ever beat seeing a load of dogs in fancy dress.

Woof Hall, Brockwell Park

Woof Hall, Brockwell Park

Other highlights of the event include watching a dog show off its talent of being able to sit while its owner did cart wheels around him. That act won second place in the talent show. A real show of athleticism.

I also managed to get in a few cheeky strokes of dogs passing by, which is nothing to be sniffed at. And I also enjoyed one non-show dog walking into the area to scoff some forgotten treats. Dogs are truly my spirit animal.

Woof Hall, Brockwell Park

Woof Hall, Brockwell Park


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