Dear iPhone (a love letter)


Dear iPhone,

I hope you don’t mind this informal address, the tagline 5c sounds so silly now that we’re… together. It’s been a long time coming, many of my friends have been suggesting we give it a go for years now. But you know, I’m stubborn (a trait you’ll learn to love), I just couldn’t see what was right in front of me.

And what is in front of me?

A slick body, cool apps, and smooth multi-tasking abilities. Oh babe, you’re such dream.

We’ve had less than 24 hours together and already I’m invested. We’re a pair now. Me eating food and you uploading it to Instagram – that is so OUR THING.


Sure, there could be problems on the way. You have a small memory, I may have to delete some of my Spotify playlists. But bae, you are worth it. If only so we can try that new Periscope thing that everyone’s talking about. With a love like ours we can afford to experiment.

Now going into this you should know that I’ve been hurt in the past. Samsung Galaxy S3 really did a number on me. He wasn’t reliable. He was slow. He even died in public. It was mortifying. I thought I would never get excited about a phone again.

But now I’m on the road to forgetting those bad memories. Maybe I have an 8GB of memory too.

So here’s to us iPhone and the next 24 months (subject to upgrades).


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