Glamour’s Trainwreck Screening and Amy Schumer Q&A (hosted by CAITLIN MORAN!)


There are some events that are so momentous that they get dubbed religious events. The last known one was the last supper, now we have the Amy Schumer Q&A.

I was lucky enough to win tickets to this amazing event. Was it sheer chance that I bagged this prize? Maybe. But I’d like to think telling Glamour that ‘Amy Schumer is like life itself’ really helped my chances. People in the office compared my screaming to cats in a bag when I found out I had the tickets.

Here’s what went down…

First of all, the evening started off with free drinks, so Glamour had really nailed the whole Schumer vibe of the evening. Second of all, it was in The Mayfair Hotel – which is as classy as balls. So classy that it even had rich business types at the bar, who could make you uncomfortable with their offers of ‘her ladies… take a seat guuurls…’ Mo’ money, mo’ sexism. Real classy stuff.

For the film itself, we were taken to a room that had walls COVERED IN CARPET! There were also NO ADVERTS! Just straight in and it was film time. Schumer fans will not be surprised to hear that the film itself was: magically/hilarious/lady-tastic/touching/life-affirming.

Like Tina Fey and Kristen Wiig before her, Amy Schumer is trailblazing a new path for female comedy. Up until this point, I feel I can’t be the only one who found comedies to be a little samey. The same, tried and tested bits of lad banter. Watching Trainwreck felt fresh, like I was laughing for the first time.

Spoiler alert: there’s a hilarious tampon joke in the film.

Not only was the film funny, but it had real heart in there. Not just between Amy and Bill Hader, but between a daughter and her father, two sisters, and (most importantly) between a woman and herself.

Overall, I think the film will be a classic. This will be the new Bridesmaids. Another example sent to Hollywood so we can say: ‘YOU SEE! Women can be more than just ass on a screen – WE ARE FUCKING HILARIOUS!’


After the film came the meeting of the Gods – AKA Amy Schumer appeared and was interviewed by Caitlin Moran. Women are so lovely, the first thing these two giants did was gush about each other. Meanwhile I furiously tried to take a good picture of the pair and failed miserably – THANKS SMART PHONE!


Some key things I learned from the Amy Schumer interview:

  1. She works very closely with her sister (who was in the audience), with said sister having written some of those hilarious sketches and having produced the film itself. Good job Schumer genes on producing those funny bones.
  2. Judd Apatow sounds like the best. Just an amazing guy producing amazing stuff and not giving a fuck if a woman is creating it. He also sounds like a great husband and father.
  3. Nothing beats just doing the fucking work. It may shock some of you but writing a film sounds hard. When describing her work progress, Amy sugar coated none of it and basically just said she locked herself away for days at a time and just wrote the balls out of that script.
  4. Bill Hader sounds nice.
  5. The film is 55% autobiographical and based on a younger version of Schumer. Her sister is indeed called Kim and her father in the film shares the same illness as her father in real life.
  6. Apparently her Dad got a real kick about the Mum being dead in the film (in real life her Mum is alive).


The only downside to the entire night was that my VERY IMPORTANT question was never chosen. So Amy Schumer, if you’re reading this, keep doing you and please tell me what Ezra Miller’s nipple tastes like.


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