I’ve Moved to London & Some Online Feminism

Well I’ve done it internet, I’ve made the plunge and rented an over-priced flat in the most expensive UK city – LONDON! Or should I say LAAAAN-DAAAAN! This move has resulted in many life changes, some good and some bad. The worst has to be that I am now living in a world without internet. People who have moved into new places know all about this dilemma, of that agonizing first few weeks, where you wait, going mildly insane, eating up your mobile phone data, as you wait for the internet man to come and hook you up. I am currently Β camped out in a Cafe Nero, huddled in the corner and pilfering their internet to write this message.

Obviously, while Carrie Bradshaw and all those other cafe-shop writers make it seem effortless to write in public, I find spilling my emotions out on a blog a little tricky when a fake Italian barista is staring at me. Meaning you’ll all have to wait until August 7th for this blog to return to its former glory (it did have a glory, right? Remember all those posts about film star’s penises?). To keep you internet dwellers wanting more, here is some interesting internet things to keep you going until my majestic return. Said return will almost definitely be defined by virtual fireworks, scotch and naked go-go dancers. Or maybe just some pictures of my new place and some feminists rants about oogling on the tube. You decide which is more realistic.

Until then, enjoy these internet treats that have been mostly harvested from the mysterious place called Reddit.



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