Lazarina Nedelcheva AKA Zina Arts

What goes on inside a woman’s mind? It’s a question that has plagued mankind for so long that a film with Mel Gibson was made on the very subject. Yet still this mystery goes unsolved.

Truth is, this question will never get an answer because woman (brace yourself for a bombshell) are all different.

As an example, I point you towards the work of Lazarina Nedelcheva AKA Zina Arts. This artist works on the ideas that float around inside her head and needless to say they are interesting.

Art for me is a way of portraying a feeling, a thought, an opinion or just a point of view, whether it’s mine or someone else’s. I love to be able to create a drawing or a doll or any kind of creature at all that other people would enjoy. I can find inspiration in music,  people, odd things and creatures on the side of the road, art materials, old fabrics. Little things that could be just sitting there in the corner, unnoticeable for others, old and forgotten often are start point for my works. I refer to the oddness of everything.

If the idea of dolls and morose naked ladies gets you in the artistic mind set, then perhaps a journey into Zina’s mythical mental zone might be in order. I won’t deny that some of these images gave me the creeps, but there’s something enjoyable about an image that is so topsy turvy that you just can’t tear your eyes away.

I imagine if Mel Gibson saw some of these pictures, What a Woman Wants would have been a very different film.

Zina 01

Zina 02

Zina 03

Zina 04

Zina 05

Zina 06

Zina 07

Zina 08

Zina 09

Zina 10

Zina 11


If you like the work you’ve seen here, why not help Zina out and vote for her in the Tallenge competition? 



All artwork was sourced from Zina’s portfolio

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