I’ve not died, I’m just going through some life changes

You know a lot of time has passed when you sign into your wordpress account and the site has had a format change without you realising it. It makes you feel like the internet has moved on, found a new co-dependent relationship and left you alone with all your tangible reality. That alone can make you shiver.

To avoid this internet death of sorts, I’m writing you this quick message to show you all that I haven’t died/ forgotten you/ grown-up and learnt to separate myself from my online dependency. I am alive and as dependent as ever on online validation, I’ve just been very busy lately and haven’t had anytime to press my face against my computer screen and whisper ‘traffic… sweet, sweet traffic…’

Why have I been busy? asks no one in the crowd. Well, I’ll tell you imagined voice. I have been under going some LIFE CHANGES!

This here, this is you.

You may have guessed from the last article I wrote (yes, I do call them articles, it makes me feel fancy) that I have recently graduated from university. Anyone who has undergone this milestone will know how ball-shit scary this time is. For one thing, without my university accommodation, I have become a little bit… homeless. Homeless and jobless, to be more precise, which is a little bit of a concern.

I recently went down to London to try and find a house to live in (because, you know, when you’re at your poorest is the perfect time to move to the most expensive location in Britain) and things down there got a little messy. Here’s what I learnt from my first house-hunting trip:

1. Never sign over your bank details first.
2. Never trust Estate Agents.
3. Never trust Estate Agents especially when you’re a young 20-something woman because THEY WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE!
4. Never agree to move in with someone you have never met.
5. Always move in with someone who has parents who can scare Estate Agents.

This here, this is an Estate Agent

Despite being unable to find a place to live, I still find myself being forced to leave my student abode. So on top of looking for a job and finding a house, I now have to pack, which is what I’m doing today. Until, you know, I stopped and started writing this blog. As of now, I have packed away all my clothes and, more importantly, my books.

In the time before my impending street wandering, I was able to spend some time on holiday… abroad. When I told everyone I was heading to Fuerteventura, I made the amateur mistake of telling everyone that this was in Spain. It is not in Spain. The island actually lies within the Canary Islands, but it is owned by Spain so I guess I was close enough. In an effort to show you that I’m putting on a brave face (and to fill this page up), here are a few holiday snaps. Remember me always as a woman who has a large smile and a slightly unphotogenic  face – even when I’m sleeping on the streets.

To protect the identities of my friends from internet trolls, I have performed some subtle photoshop. Honestly, you’ll hardly notice a thing.













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