Five Reasons to Love The Gilmore Girls

When you step out of that final university exam and into the big bad world of adulthood many terms may get thrown around, such as ‘end of an era’, ‘what now?’ and ‘where is the booze?’ However, the only sentence of my lips (other than ‘holy fuck, that exam was horrible’) was ‘thank god for Gilmore Girls’.

gilmore girls 5

I came late into the Gilmore Girls fold. By the time I discovered it three years ago, the show had already finished its run and was already stored away in people’s nostalgia boxes. Just talking about Gilmore Girls in front of other people is a risk because everyone is just dying to tell you their favourite bits.

“So I just started watching Gilmore Girls.”

“Really? What do you think of Dean, I loved him at first but after the second break-up and the affair with Rory, I realised what a dick he was.”

“…they break up?”

gilmore girls 4

Even now, as I slowly swim in the shallows of the fifth season, I am bombarded with spoilers. My flatmate tells me that Logan is a dick (great, so I shouldn’t get attached?) and the internet has already told me all the pitfalls that drive Gilmore Girls into the ground following the creator’s exit and the disastrous seventh season – which I haven’t seen, but am told I hate.

You may wonder why, as a Gilmore Girl noob, I have any right to write a blog about my love of Gilmore Girls. But you see, by never experiencing the end of the Gilmore Girls I am still in the honeymooning, love sick phase of our relationship. I don’t even know who this April character is!

I also came to discover the Gilmore Girls during my time at university, which makes it, in my opinion, a completely different viewing experience compared to people who watched it in their early teens. For teenagers, the Gilmore Girls may just represent funny quips, some dreamy boys (seriously, only young teenage girls could find Dean attractive) and hair inspiration from Rory herself. But I took away something totally different, I felt like I even learned something.

gilmore girls 3

You might even say Gilmore Girls got me through university, or at the very least, saved me from insanity in these last few, exam filled, weeks. And here are the five things I took away from this blissful, post-season seven, time with Rory and Lorelai.


This may not seem like the most ground breaking statement, but considering this was a family show that was on TV at midday, I’m surprised people were allowed casual snogging. It’s not only that people were allowed to bump uglies on daytime television that I appalled, it’s the way people bumped those uglies.

gilmore girls 14

Take, for instance, the loss of Rory’s virginity. Most shows that focus on one girl’s coming of age would have her pop her cherry under the stars, with candles and some Cliff Richard playing in the background. Very few shows would have the balls to have the golden girl have her first time with a married man and for that tryst to result in the end of a marriage. It may seem wrong, but I really loved that this is how things turned out for Rory. It made her seem human made her a real girl who’s capable of making bad decisions. Which brings us onto…


Remember when I said that a teenage girl probably thinks the Gilmore Girls is filled with dreamy boys? Well, if you too share this opinion, you need to take a closer look. Most of the men are horrible. First you have Dean who is very possessive and constantly tries to make Rory feel guilty (not to mention the whole thing of him getting married just to make her jealous), you have Jess who just RAN AWAY BECAUSE HE HAD FEELINGS and that’s not saying anything about Lorelai’s bunch.

gilmore girls 8

But are men ever perfect? Are relationships ever smooth sailing? Someone has to bring some emotional baggage – that’s life. The worst thing you can do, when watching Gilmore Girls, is to believe these are perfect relationships. They’re not; they’re learning curves for the audience. Rory and Lorelai are taking the love bullets so we don’t have to, or at the very least, they fuck to make us feel better about our emotional fuck ups. Cheers girls.


I’m the kind of person who likes expectations set low. However, in my journey through life, I constantly find the world’s expectations of young people to be very high. With all the internet success stories of young bloggers who have gone on to be hired by big named companies with big pay checks, you often forget that it’s okay to fuck things up every now and again.

gilmore girls 6

The times when I’ve loved Rory the most, are the times when she completely fucks everything up. Forget getting into every Ivy League college, I loved her when she stole that boat, or when she was struggling to keep up with the work load, or better yet, when she had to drop out of Yale for a little bit. It may seem strange, but seeing someone as ‘perfect’ as Rory Gilmore stumble and fall made me feel like it was okay for me to fall on my ass.

I also like to think, that in many years time when I’m married with my first child on the way, that I’ll find some new solace in Lorelai. This is the woman who got pregnant at 16 and still managed to open her own inn.


By now you’ve probably spotted a trend, in that my favourite parts of Gilmore Girls are when the characters make me feel better about my own life choices. When people talk about their ‘university experiences’ they usually highlight all the WILD and CRAZY nights out that they have had UP IN THE CLUBS! But during my time at university, while I have been out in da clubs, I have never been a major party girl and often you can feel guilty about this.

But next to Rory Gilmore I feel like Paris Hilton (you know, when she was still cool and going out).

gilmore girls 2

Rory’s distain for large parties and getting shit faced drunk showed that some sacrifice had to be made for her education. That she had to work REALLY HARD to get into those colleges, and had to work even harder when she got into Yale. Also, have you seen the Rory Gilmore reading challenge? No wonder she didn’t go out and party, she obviously spent every waking moment reading books.


Maybe it’s because I’m in my twenties and not a sixteen year old, but Luke Dane’s was the hottest man on that show. Hands down, this man is the teller for my wank banks. He’s just so… bitter and… well built. #Hot



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