Gemma Correll: The Pun Queen!

You know what I really love? Like really, really love? PUNS!

Puns have gotten a bad rep in this century, they’re no longer cool. In fact, the only reason you’re supposed to laugh at a pun is because it’s bad. Laughing at pun because you think it’s hilarious is a no go. Not cool. Un-hipster.

We are the irony generation, you laugh because it’s bad, you wear it cause it’s tacky, you say things because they’re stupid. But it’s all an in joke. It all has to be under the surface. There has to be a deeper meaning, and intellectual cock stroke.

But whenever I laugh at a pun, I know I’m laughing because that shit is funny. You’ll never get a purer laugh for me, than a pun laugh.

You know that bad joke eel meme? That to me is pure gold, it is hilarious to the core, why is the word bad in there?

So with this love of puns in mind, let’s talk about Gemma Correll.

Gemma Correll is an illustrator with a love of pugs and puns, the two greatest things in life. Looking at her cartoons is like seeing everything your eight-year old self wanted to be drawn, only better.

It’s cute, it’s funny and it makes you feel like you’re seeing the world through Zooey Deschanel’s huge doe eyes.

Not surprisingly, Correll does very well for herself. She’s published numerous books (mostly about pugs) and has a greeting card range called Pickle Parade, which is stocked in big named stores like Paperchase and WH Smith.

Yet my favourite thing about Correll, and the thing that often gets over looked next to her big accomplishments, is Monday is Punday. You’ve probably seen some of the Punday stuff being reblogged on the LadyBitsandBob’s tumblr, but if you haven’t… well, say goodbye to your clean underwear because it’s about to get #PMSL up in here.

punday 1 punday 2 punday 3 punday 4 punday 5 punday 6 punday 7 punday 8 punday 9 punday 10 punday 11 punday 12 punday 13



Image Credit: Gemma Correll, obviously.

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