Soothing Sunday? Mallory Knox’s Album ‘Signals’

Dear Internet, lately I’ve been having a bit of a stressful time. I’m currently finishing my final year of university, and therefore have a million things to do as well spend every waking moment contemplating my impending homelessness after June. I have essays to write, exams to revise for, and job applications to fill out. If this is a sneak peak at adulthood, I have to say, I don’t like it one little bit. All I want to do is be a teenager again.

When I was in my teens most problems could be solved with a little bit of emotional wailing to semi-rock bands. Bands that were not TOO heavy in rock (you know, like those screamy bands) but still had men howling against guitars and singing emotional lyrics about distrust and heart break.

Man, those songs just got me – you know?

Being able to return to that time in my life where all my problems could be solved by one emotional headbang, is something I’ve been desperately craving. Unfortunately, rock music has kinda fallen out of favour, so unless you’re actually knowledgeable about music, it’s pretty to just stumble across a new and amazing alternative band. That was until I found Mallory Knox.


It’s everything I need at the moment. Their album has charted at number 33 in the UK charts and they’ve been getting a decent amount of plays on the radio. When I heard their song Lighthouse it was like emotional teenaged love at first listen.

Mikey Chapman’s vocals are just oozing with raw angst. The rich guitars and epic song arrangement on their new album is just amazing. I wish I knew more music terminology to sum it all up. To put it simply, every song on here feels like it could be on a trailer for a really action packed yet heartbreaking/deep blockbuster – it pumps you up and makes your heart like, have emotions and stuff.

To let you get the full picture on why I love this album so much, I’ve picked five of the best songs from Signals. These are the songs that get put on my iPod and help me de-stress on my way home from the library. I may look like a fifteen year old, as I walk up the street with my headphones on full, my hood pulled up, and my head bobbing up and down – but damn it, fifteen year olds don’t have 60 credits of their university career to worry about, so it’s fine by me!

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