Goodbye Feminist Ryan Gosling

If you used the term ‘end of an era’ on this day, you might find yourself flocked with mourning Tories. But while the death of Margaret Thatcher is news worthy (and I guess sad in the sense she was person) something more momentous than the passing of a Tory icon had happened today.


And no, this doesn’t mean a misogynistic Ryan Gosling is now on the loose; it means that one of the best blogs has now come to an end.


The premise behind feminist Ryan Gosling was simple, take sexy pictures of a well loved movie star and impose feminist slogans on to them with a personalising feature of ‘hey girl’. Sure, it wasn’t ground breaking stuff, but damn if it wasn’t good.

I was pretty late in my discovery of feminist Ryan Gosling, so maybe I feel the pain more so because I just feel like there wasn’t enough time spent together. Sure, I can just steal back the birthday present I gave to my friend, which was the published hard back version of the site, but will it be the same? Will I get the same kind of tingle?

Probably not… but I can’t deny that my wank bank has been thoroughly crammed to bursting, thanks to this site.

So in honour of its passing, here are just some of the glorious creations the site owner Danielle has birthed in the name of feminism and spectacular man candy.

To find more hot man candy, check out Feminist Ryan Gosling for yourself or buy the book!

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