Hair Crushes

Hair Crush

/he(ə)r/ /krəSH/


To worship and idealize a person’s hair with a ferocity that can make other people a little bit uncomfortable and feel weird.


To be the object of someone’s obsession by having the hair of a goddess. These people often deal with excessive touching and internet harassment when it comes to the mass of follicles on their head.

The LadyBitsandBobs’ Hair Crushes

Christina from Trop Rouge 

trop rouge 1

trop rouge 2

trop rouge 3

Julie Edwards from Deap Vally

deap vally 1

deap vally 2

deap vally 3

Annie Mac from BBC Radio 1

annie mac 1

Annie-Mac 2

Annie-Mac 3


Paloma Faith 

paloma faith 1

paloma faith 2

paloma faith


Scarlett Johansson as Black Widow

black widow 3

black widow 2

black widow 1



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