Who On Earth is Lize Meddings?

What she lacks in twitter followers, Lize Medding makes up for in talent, humour, and the ability to draw cute stuff.

Her artwork, which can be found on her tumblr, is endearingly adorable. With pictures of frogs to deer to awkward teenagers, it’s difficult not to get drawn (get it?) into her world.

While the artwork is kitsch-ly drawn, her commentary is something most 20-somethings can identify with. And if nothing else, the artwork’s Adventure Time-esque style makes you have all the good feelings you associate with Saturday morning cartoons.

You might find it helpful to look at her stuff while eating some kind of crappy cereal that’s got a minimal a toy inside and marshmallows.

Lize Meddings 01

Lize Meddings 02

Lize Meddings 03

Lize Meddings 04

Lize Meddings 05

Lize Meddings 06

Lize Meddings 07


images via.

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