‘Deap Vally’ – My New Girl Crush

As all young women grow up, each one has these wild fantasies of what she wants to be when she grows up. For me, I had one dream of being a vet who, with a heart of gold, ended up adopting all her patients until she ended up with a modern day Noah’s ark in her back garden – a Dr. Doolittle, only with a vagina.

Later in life I would have dreams of being a world class author, actress, and… a mother fucking rock star.

Unfortunately, having no musical ability would hinder this latter dream of mine, as would my being born as a fully formed middle-aged woman (I’d easily pass up vodka for a nice selection of cheeses).

Yet somewhere, buried underneath my love of stilton and mango, is burning desire to be a rock goddess; a desire that is now being vicariously lived out in my recent obsession with Deap Vally.

A blues rock duo hailing from sunny LA, these two have been causing massive waves on music blogs and with critics, as they’ve smashed their way to popularity, both in the USA and the UK. You might have seen their faces in the London Tube, plastered onto the wall. You may have seen the girls supporting The Vaccines, or you may be prepping yourself for their supporting act of Mumford and Sons.

Either way, if you haven’t encountered the girls of Deap Vally, all you need to know is THEY’RE COOL AS FUCK!

Like all rock and roll stars, these two women met in the most hardcore of circumstances – effin’ needlework baby! And no I don’t mean heroine, I mean crocheting.

From this artistic meeting, the two ladies have gone on to be hailed as “a hippe Koren O fronting Black Sabbath” to “the house-band for some yet-to-be-scripted Tarantino movie where the two Californian gals sweat out the spirit of rock’n’roll in short, gin-soaked bursts while fists fly and blood stains the floorboards.” High praise indeed.

If you need more proof that these two ladies do indeed hold the ‘badasses with vaginas’ award, then take a look at the music videos below. If you are not enthralled with the gravel tones of lead singer Lindsay Troy’s voice, then you may weep with envy at the drumming skills and bodacious hair of Julie Edwards.


I don’t know about you, but all that music just gave me a lady-boner.

2 thoughts on “‘Deap Vally’ – My New Girl Crush

  1. Those girls Rock, I saw them in a festival in Paris “RockenSeine” and that was awesome!!! I’ve never heard about them before, and that was the biggest surprise of the entire festival!

    • So jealous, I would kill to see these ladies live. Though my girl crush is so stellar that I don’t think I could stop myself from jumping on the stage and hugging them inappropriately.

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