Soothing Sunday – Mr. Hudson, George Maple, DrDr, GTA, Moduloktopus

I have a friend who prides herself on good DJ skills.

“Er… song selection is a big one,” she told me when I asked for the key things a music noob like me needs to know about being a rocking DJ. “Things like mixing, beat matching, like being able to read a crowd – try to tell what they want, instead of, you know, just what you want to hear. Try to understand genre… AND HAVE BALLS! Balls to play really good, different stuff.”

This advice comes from Isabelle Spray, creator of the Rhyme and Reason blog (which was, like, totally linked to in an MTV article) so I know its good stuff.

Last week I admitted to being a bit inept when it comes to good tunes. My taste, until recently, has been limited to songs that appear on film trailers.

Previously I explored the calmer side of new music. It was all pretty chilled; not counting Lion Babe’s jiggling thighs. This week I want to spice things up, I want something a little more… dance-y.

Now granted this is also partly because this article is predetermined by what cool music blogs tell me to listen to but doesn’t mean I don’t still have MASSIVE BALLS!

Mr. Hudson – Fred Astaire

Who knew Mr. Hudson, the guy who did that thing with Kanye West, was still doing stuff? Okay maybe the music blogs knew, but I personally thought he was in a Swedish coma… is he Swedish? I don’t know, he had bleach blonde hair when I last saw him, so maybe I’m just making racist assumptions. Good song though.

George Maple – Fixed

The electronics at the start have you bracing yourself for some kind of techno drop, but it’s much calmer than all that. This video has less than 2000 views on youtube, which makes it practically an infant in internet terms. It also means those that watch it get hipster points and when this goes big in a few months, can make snide comments like ‘that song was sooooo last March’.

DrDr – Addicted (Maths Time Joy Remix)

This is a remix so automatically I get cool points – plus the remixer has a really ironic name cause, like, who really thinks maths is joyful? The song is pretty chill and offers a nice start to the night before you start slamming our the Missy Elliot tracks, speaking of which…

Diplo & GTA – Boy Oh Boy

Missy Elliot has been pretty slow in terms of producing new music – has she done anything since that Ciara track? Luckily, GTA have been soothing the Missy shaped hole in everyone’s hearts with this remix of her 2002 classic ‘work it’. But Missy, if you’re reading this blog (psh of course you are) then don’t think this means you don’t have to release new stuff – want to twerk to the sound of your voice.

Moduloktopus – Turkish Clubish

Now I don’t know a lot about trap (okay, nothing) but from what I understand, it’s like if hip-hop, trance, and dubstep had an unfortunate gang bang and trap was the consequence – and I mean that in a good way. This track by Moduloktopus (not the catchiest of names)  isn’t as epic as the Bauer ‘higher’ track, but it’s still pretty sick, and I bet has plenty of balls.

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