Soothing Sunday – Lion Babe, Snakehips, Beach House, K.Flay, Indiana.

I’m a self confessed crescendo addict. I like my music to build up to epic heights, be this through the drop of some heavy bass, or the dramatic pull of a string quartet. Because of this, I usually find my music through TV soundtracks, nightclubs, or on film trailers.

Yet when it comes to easy Sunday listening, I find that my iTunes is a little lacking.

In an effort to improve this, I’ve started probing a collection of other music blogs to help me find something to relax to. Something I can just mellow out with. Since social media has taught me that every little thing needs sharing, I thought it would be nice to put some of my favourite tunes of the week on here.

Plus, because I have a steadily growing vintage collection, read Vice, and have a blog, I have an overwhelming hipster urge to validate myself through proving I have good taste in music. It’s a real first world problem.

LION BABE – Treat Me Like Fire

I think the word for this video is ‘fierce’, and maybe I should snap my fingers and throw my head back a little when I say that. I’m sure if I like this song because of Lion Babe’s sexy, smooth voice or if I’m merely mesmerized by her hair and jiggling thighs. So few women can pull off roaring these days….

Snakehips – Miss U Always

From lions we move on over to snakes. This music makes me feel like I’m in one of those slick, modern, and edgy cocktail bars somewhere in London – and I do bloody like cocktails. There’s also something that reminds me of the tinkling noises I imagine a spaceship to make, which is oddly relaxing.


I wish I could tell you what is happening in this video but… I don’t think we’re meant to know. Maybe it’s for the best then that Beach House provide such purring, ghostly vocals to this track, because once you open your eyes from the music, your mind has a bit of a freak out watching… Ray Wise doing… that… Nice tracksuits though.

K.Flay – The Cops

I don’t know what’s nicer about this, the music or the fact the song is free to download. K. Flay has been around a few years now and her fan-base is on the way up so you should definitely keep your eyes on this girl. I also enjoy music that makes romantic gestures, such as defending her loved one from the police #cute.

Indiana – Bound

Who doesn’t love a music video with implied elements of bondage shot in artistic black and white? I know I do. I’m also kinda in love with British singer Indiana’s voice, which sounds like a sexier, sultrier version of Ellie Goulding’s. Despite what the song might be saying, I think this might really be love.

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