Dirty Girls

Filmed in 1996 and edited in 2000, this mini-documentary by Michael Lucid depicts the abuse and general high-school-douchery that one group of 13-year-old riot grrrls have to deal with.

The short mainly focuses on two sisters, who head up a group of young teenaged feminists that have been dubbed by their peers as ‘dirty girls’. Why are they dirty? Cause like, their hair is… like, not billowy in the wind. And they look like they smell.

Obviously the young women don’t smell. They do take showers. But because they dye their hair in a non-conformist fashion, wear what they feel like wearing, do their make-up how they like, and… get this, don’t really give a shit about plucking their body hair to an inch within its life, they are FREAKS.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about this piece is just how aggressive the girls are to other girls. Sure you have some tid-bits from guys, but the real brutality comes from the women. Girls who are pissed off that someone younger than them has the nerve to talk about being a woman, young girls who have the nerve to talk about feminism.

The 13 year olds publish a zine, with some pretty honest, personal statements inside. They distributed this across the campus and the hatred the other women responded with is shocking.

Some of the older girls dismiss it because they consider the feminist statements inside to be pretty obvious. Others hate it because it’s too dark.

Only one person seems to enjoy the zine and that’s a guy who calls it ‘marxist’.

Towards the end of the film, the girls make some pretty shocking statements about their encounters with the rape culture they address in the publication. The sister Amber dismisses the school’s criticism, but you can tell it gets to her. She can’t even look at the camera.

She seems disappointed. I know I feel disappointed watching the video.

Why are women so cruel and unsupporting sometimes?

And what’s worse, would I, if I had been in the high school, stood with the dirty girls or against them? Sad to say, at 13 I don’t think I would have done. And that makes me disappointed with myself.

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