Jessica Tremp’s ‘Over Unto Silence’

Jessica Tremp, a photographer hailing from the sunny, poisonous shores of Australia is a fabulous photographer who is slowly making her rounds in the blogosphere. The project grabbing the most attention is her 2012 winter exhibit called ‘Over Unto Silence’.

For those of you that have watched the nightmarish film ‘The Others’, we can see a disturbing parallel between Tremp’s work and the ghoulish images the Victorians had a trend of collecting of their dead loved ones faces. Certainly the uncanny image of death is disturbing, but there’s also something fascinating in the way Tremp uses nature.

The leafs, cherries, moss can on the one hand been see growing around and out of the corpse-like figures, invoking a sense of unity between death and the natural world around us. On the other, and this is for the pessimist Literature students who read too much into things, you can also see the nature as a consuming force, suffocating the subjects into their demise.

Tremp’s work is then offering something of a double meaning that ultimately works to the same goal – that human and nature are both bound up in each other but that the relationship is something of a destructive one. If you listen close enough, you can hear the echoes of global warming, oil digging, deforestation, natural disasters, ect.

In an interview, Tremp described her style in the three words: ‘Uncomfortably, unsettlingly understood.’ Certainly the pictures here may be unsettling to look at, but I cannot deny my own fascination with the images that are both beautiful, and as Tremp says  herself – uncomfortable.

If you too find yourself enthralled by this lady’s work, you don’t have to off and book tickets to Melbourne for her next exhibit (but I mean, if you have the cash, you’re more than welcome). Her blog is merely a few clicks of the mouse away and holds many more wondrous images that offer a glimpse into a ghostly universes.

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