Some Life Goals for 2013

In my last blog post I ranted, quite aggressively, about my frustration with New Years Resolutions, or rather, the resolutions that focus solely around going to the gym and getting wash board abs. As a society, especially among women, we have this belief that if you nail down your physical appearance, the rest of life will just fall into place. This is partly, if not mostly, the fault of our modern media. Glamourous actresses and celebrities, and even our beloved Disney Princesses, send young women a subtle message that beauty equals success. So rather than setting ourselves goals like, going back to college, or focusing on our career, most people seem to fixate their New Year Resolutions around their body and appearance.

Must get toned abs.

Must get healthier looking hair.

Must dress better.

Must find my signature perfume.


I myself, year after year, find that I too gravitate to these none kind of aspirations. Goals, that in the long run, probably won’t improve my life. The idea that by looking fabulous someone will automatically offer me a fabulous career is, when we really think about it, stupid. Yes I would love to get into better shape, yes I would love to have clear skin, yes I do want mermaid long hair – but are these really that important?

2013 is going to be a big year for me. It’s the year I graduate from university, and the year I officially become an adult. Therefore, I really need set my sights higher in life than just having hair like Taylor Swift. Now I’m not saying these goals are like, super grown-up, in fact some are just about reading more for pleasure, but the bottom line is, this goals are going to improve the inner part of my life, rather than the outer. I would much rather come to terms with the idea of Thing Theory, than master the art of French Plaits. Though being able to do both wouldn’t go amiss…

Goal Number One:

Finish my internship with GNT Media. This is a very exciting prospect for me this year, I’ve just started a 12 week creative writing/blogging internship that has me write 3 assignments every week. The important thing? I have to finish it. Yes it will be hard to do alongside university work, but learning to manage my time is what grown-up people have to do, right? You guys can check on my twitter to make sure I’m still focused.

Goal Number Two:

I want to get my writing published somewhere BIG! I’m not talking about cosmo or anything like that; I’m talking about HelloGiggles and Rookie magazine. These two, I feel, are achievable and not far off the kind of writing I aim towards. Plus it increases my chances of turning into Zooey Deschanel or Tavi Gevinson.


This right here is what I aspire to.

Goal Number Three:

Graduate with a 2:1, find a place to live and get a job. In short – don’t become homeless after graduation, which right now, is a real concern.

Goal Number Four:

Get 10,000 views on this blog. Right now is brand spanking new, which is cool and all, but also means that the view count is low, low, low… 10,000 views in a year isn’t reaching for the stars, but I just have this feeling that once your blog has gone up to 5 digits, you’re really going places. And by going places I mean, like, you might get some more twitter followers.

Goal Number Five:

Decide on one thing that I want to get out of adulthood. Do I want to write a book? Do I want to be a teacher? A SEO analyst? Do I really have the balls to get into the British media industry? In short, I need to start thinking about what possibilities I have in life, and when I want to take myself. Unfortunately for me, having an English degree doesn’t send me very far forward in my personal journey, other than telling me that I like books.

Oh yeah, and also I need to read 100 books this year thanks to GoodReads.


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