The Best Boy on the Internet

Oh blog, how I’ve neglected you lately. You who allow me to use the word ‘vagina’ in so many different contexts. You who let me have the satisfaction of blocking misogynistic comments. You who let me have a pair of tits in my side bar – how could I have left you so unceremoniously? Will you ever forgive me?
 Of course you will, because you’re part of the internet, and the internet is awesome. Not all the time, sometimes the internet can be a bit of a dick. But for every moment of dickery the internet performs, cyber-karma steps in and makes things right again.
Which is why, I want to share with you this little gem that I found. Because often, in the fight for equal female rights, the male gender doesn’t come across too well. Often you have a some male Politician telling you how ‘some girls rape easy’, or have another asshole comparing the fight against banning ‘Page 3’ to Islam (I’m looking at you guy in my comments section). So for once, it feels really nice and refreshing to see a man fighting the good fight for womankind, and showing that just because you have dick doesn’t mean you have to be a dick – whoa, profound shit, right? 
John Hughes you win the internet. 

3 thoughts on “The Best Boy on the Internet

  1. This never happens on my Facebook, it's just always "WOMEN SHOULD BE IN THE KITCHEN AND ON PAGE 3 AND NEVER MAKE ANY NOISE AND LOL LOOK AT THOSE SLAGSSS" While I rage type 4000 words a minute to combat it.I don't know the right people. :(This guy is ace. 😀

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