Andy Murray wins GOLD!

Yesterday Andy Murray won the Olympic Gold and it was… awesome. Like something out of a Disney movie.

One lone Scotsman and a dream. A dream that he came so close to during the Wimbledon finals – oh, those Wimbledon finals…  How we all wept when Murray was denied his victory. As a nation we saw him cry like a Justin Timberlake song, it was like watching someone butcher a furby.

So this gold medal was more than a gold medal. It was that moment in a film when the hero beats the bad guy (sorry Federer) and then nails, I mean, kisses his live-in girlfriend, I mean, Princess.

Image taken from the Guardian, cheers guys. 

And how do people react to this heart warming tale of failure and triumph?

They shit on it. Well at least some people do.

Dubbed the ‘irredeemable grump’ by the Guardian, Orville Lloyd writes:
“I am sure in the United Kingdom it is a big deal Andy Murray defeated Roger Federer to win the gold medal at the Olympics. No offense to Murray fans, but this match means nothing in the grand scheme of things. Murray still needs to prove he can win a grand slam in singles and he has failed to achieve that breakthrough. Juan Martin Del Potro is younger than Murray and he already has a grand slam singles title.

Murray got lucky today Roger is older now he’s going to have more bad days than good. Murray still has a 0-3 record against Federer in the grand slam finals. Also, Federer is turning thirty one next week and he clearly was exhausted from his four hour match will Juan Martin Del Potro. Murray definitely has made a step in the right direction but an Olympic gold medal still doesn’t change the fact he is 0-4 in grand slam finals. Maybe, this Olympic victory will give Murray the confidence to believe he can beat the top players in the slams? Only time will tell.”

Now yes, maybe Mr. Lloyd might be redirecting his anger for being named after a green duck puppet out at Murray. But it emphasises a larger point that I’ve noticed more and more in my own life.
As soon as you or someone else accomplishes something amazing, we immediately start to focus of the other amazing thing we haven’t.
If you get 90% on a test, you want a 100%. If you complete a game, you want to do it faster. You meet a great guy, you compare him to Mr. Darcy – and obviously, once you start to wonder why he hasn’t proposed after stepping out a pond all Colin Firth style, things are bound to end badly.

FIT AS – right?
Now while I admit it’s a good to aim high, push yourself and all that other stuff. But pushing yourself becomes problematic when there’s no end in sight. If you just keep pushing yourself, and pushing, and never take a moment to bask in your achievements.
I know I’m guilty of this. Not in terms of athletic achievements, as my little spare tire will confirm (a little one, tiny really…) but certainly when it comes to academics. No matter what grade I get, I always find myself more focused on what I could have got, or what other people have achieved.
>My own achievement becomes dwarfed by ‘what ifs’ and ‘if onlys’. And honestly, this is exhausting. I don’t smoke, I limit my drinking to fancy, overly priced cocktails, and I don’t do drugs – so this is my big, bad, habit. Dissatisfaction. Not recognising my own achievements.
And it’s a habit I want to kick. Starting with Andy Murray.
Because when I see someone win a Gold medal, and then have people shrug it off with comments like ‘he still hasn’t won a grand slam and he’s getting old, isn’t he?’ It makes me really mad.
If winning an Olympic Gold doesn’t rank as a high achievement, then how the hell are the rest of us supposed to measure up? We can’t. The world is setting the bar too high. And damn it, I’m not that gifted and I want that bar LOWER! Or more precisely – doable.
You see, what these critics don’t realise is, when they poo-poo Murray’s achievement, they’re also poo-pooing everyone else’s as well. They’re making the world a harder to place. Not just for Murray, or other sports people – but for everyone.
What’s the point in striving for something, if you can’t celebrate at the finish line?
So here’s to you Murray, and the rest of you on Team GB that are dick slapping these Olympics outta the park. You guys just keep swinging your dicks (that includes you ladies, I know you have a massive imaginary dick to swing Ennis) and being proud of how far you and your dick have come.

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